"I wanted to thank you and all your staff for taking such good care of E. this week…Programs like this are saving our kids who have so much more to go through in life. Thank you again." Shauna

"L. lives for camp.  It is truly his sacred space and we acknowledge him going is the only thing that truly heals him after 49 weeks of trying to be who he is.  THANK YOU for loving these children and providing them with their sanctuary!" Diane

"Going to Aranu'tiq was the BEST experience my child has EVER had, and she grew into a confident and more outgoing girl during her time there!! She has been empowered through the validation and acceptance she received at camp, and I will be forever grateful to you for this gift in my daughter." S.C.

"He had an amazing time. He said it felt like 3 days not 3 weeks. He has shared so many incredible stories and I believe has lifelong friends. He sent us the funniest letters. He loved being a mentor to the eight-year-olds. He loved all of the activities. Also, K's dad and I were able to relax and know he was in safe hands.  Thank you again." Anna

"I cannot thank you enough for how magical this camp was and will continue to be for us, and all children. You, and all the staff and the volunteers change lives!  The role models, the kindness and love and acceptance from everyone is priceless...this will give him confidence to fall back on if and when times do get rough." Heather

"When we think of all of the people who have enriched J’s life with love, humor, common sense, self confidence...and a thousand other stimuli that help her to be well-rounded – we think of you. Thank you for helping her find her peer group in this world. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to this child." S. Family

"M had an absolutely amazing time and she returned with fast friends and lots of great songs and stories." Katherine

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Get ready for one amazing summer!