Hear from our Campers...

...and from our Parents:

"Going to Aranu'tiq was the BEST experience my child has EVER had, and she grew into a confident and more outgoing girl during her time there!! She has been empowered through the validation and acceptance she received at camp, and I will be forever grateful to you for this gift in my daughter."

-S, mom of a now sixth-year camper

"We want to send out GIGANTIC thanks to all of you who gave L. such a great camp experience. She came back with a vibrancy we haven't seen in a long time. The support she received at camp and the continued support she receives from all of her new friends has eased the transition for her to go back to school as a girl."
-Y family, parents of a third-year camper

"I found my son’s saving grace, Camp Aranu'tiq. I knew once I found Camp Aranu'tiq it would be life changing for him but I never knew how much. He came back a changed young man. He went scared and anxious and came back confident and strong."

-M, mom of an Aranu'tiq "graduate" after four summers

"When we think of all of the people who have enriched J’s life with love, humor, common sense, self confidence...and a thousand other stimuli that help her to be well-rounded – we think of you. Thank you for helping her find her peer group in this world. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to this child."

-S Family, parents of a now THIRD-year camper

"[Our child] is SUCH a different person as a result of camp – so much more at peace.  For that, we are forever grateful." -J, mom of a now third-year camper

"[our child] feels a sense of community and identity that he has never felt before. It's just great to witness his increase in self-confidence. he will be back next summer!" -D family, parents of a now second-year camper